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3 Things To Consider Before Getting a Working Dog

Working dogs are an invaluable tool for people who raise livestock and horses. They serve as guardians, herders, and sometimes even companions. If you have been thinking about adding a working dog to your household, make sure you take everything into consideration first.

Compatible Personalities

Every dog has a unique personality. You want to make sure the one you choose is well suited to his job. Dogs that are naturally fearful or who continuously tear up fences to get out may not be great choices for guard dogs. And one that continuously harasses your animals can lead to accidents for either the dog or livestock. While you happily cover your horse insurance cost, you probably don’t want to keep having the vet out for dog bites.

Training Needs

Working dogs need specialized training to perform their assigned jobs well. Although herding breeds have strong herding instincts, they aren’t simply born knowing what to do. Be prepared to provide consistent training to your puppy until she learns her responsibilities and is confident in her ability to uphold them.

This often means hiring a professional trainer who specializes in the type of work you want your dog to do. Livestock guardian dogs will need a different skill set than cattle dogs. You will also want to introduce your dog to the animals it will be working with at a young age.

Types of Fencing

Most working dogs, especially herding types, are very high energy and need to be active for a good part of the day. They are not going to be content to sleep on the sofa all afternoon while you are at work. You will need to have fencing that is capable of keeping your new canine safely contained. This will be easier if they are kept pastured with livestock during the day.

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