Here are some valuable dog gifts we can give our best friends; they cost nothing and can mean everything…


In this day and age, a person’s most valuable commodity is time. The workweek stretches into 60 hours, after school is a crammed schedule of organized activities, and too often the weekend becomes a harried catch-up on chores and errands. Meanwhile, our dogs, bereft of Day-Timers and cell phones, nose around us as we rush from one obligation to another, sometimes with a tennis ball and a hopeful expression or a longing glance at their leash and collar. This article might be helpful to learn more about dog bark collars. Slow down and take a good look into those soulful brown eyes. Put off the dry cleaner or the gossipy phone call and enjoy some quality time with your pal. Even if it’s as simple as a five-minute game of fetch or a quick walk around the block, a daily one-on-one with your dog is priceless. This is one of the

best gifts for dogs

. It will remind you why you chose to bring him into your life in the first place and will remind him that you’re not just the person with the food dish.


Jumping up at home

Take a good look at your dog’s house rules. Are you slacking off in your consistency? Has your couch potato recently been banned from the new sofa even though he’s still allowed on the one in the den? Is it ok for him to play tug-o-war with that fancy new rope bone but not with your socks? Do you let him welcome you home with “hugs and kisses” (ie, jumping up) when you’re coming in from the garden but not when you’re coming home from the office? Can he get table scraps at your elbow but not when there’s company? If you can say “yes” to any of these questions, then you might want to resolve to be more decisive in your expectations. Contrary to what wishful animal lovers insist, your dog really doesn’t have the brain power to “know” the difference between very similar shades of grey behaviorally, unless you invest the time in specifically, consistently teaching him. Expecting him to simply bend to your mood or to human social rules (no jumping on Grandma but Cousin Bubba the quarterback is fair game…) is simply unfair. Spend time with your whole household to make sure that everyone is using the same rules regarding Rover and then watch him respond with even more respect and good behavior.

Dog privacy

Does your dog have a crate or special sleeping spot? If not, create a private “den” for him. You can check this article if you would like to crate training a puppy. When things are hectic in your home, your dog deserves his own space and the right to retreat to it and this is another one of the good dog gifts. Special consideration should be given to adult adopted dogs who may be slow to trust a lot of strangers in their new home. Although socialization is important for all dogs, there is a time when the old adage about sleeping dogs applies. If you are too preoccupied with entertaining a large number of guests to keep an eye on how your dog interacts with them, it may be better for your dog to retire to his spot. Also, an ill or older dog will treasure his privacy much of the time. Give your dog this gift and watch him become better adjusted and more secure in your home.


I must be joking, right? Like every other dog lover, I know some of the best

presents for dogs

… I really enjoy my “conversations” with my dogs and I like the way they respond and warm to my voice. But just like people, dogs need some downtime, too. Owners who keep up a constant patter with their dogs can bring on nervous behavior and even exacerbate separation anxiety when they aren’t there to constantly reassure their pets. Learn more about dog separation anxiety. Over-talking can make it more difficult for your dog to focus on good obedience training, with its concise commands and results-based praise. A dog who in daily close contact hears less of his owner’s voice is a dog who will understand more when it really matters. Try to have some “timeouts” with your dog because this is again one of the best dog gifts. Don’t talk with him, just sit back and enjoy his quiet company. Study his expression, learn the sound and cadence of his breathing, watch him and learn what he really listens to when your voice isn’t there. After just a few periods like this, you may see that he is more attentive and responsive as a companion. You will no longer be having a one-way conversation with your dog in the verbal manner of humans, you will be closer to “hearing” him in his native language instead.

5. A JOB
Best dog gifts

Every dog deserves some type of formal training. But in the real world, most people don’t think they have the time to do this. However, a good balanced trainer can help you achieve a rewarding relationship and an obedient dog with a results-based program. Most sensible trainers recognize the time limits of the modern dog owner and tailor their programs to reflect that reality. Teaching your dog how to sit and wait while his meal is prepared, wait to go through an open door or jump in and out of a vehicle, or walk politely on a leash can be easily accomplished. And the effect on your dog is profound when he has to earn his cookies, praise, or petting. To some people, this might sound a little too harsh. But to a dog, it makes perfect sense and is among the best dog gifts. Our pack-oriented companion dogs expect to have a specific place in our homes, even when that home belongs to just one dog and one person. By giving your dog these little chores you reassure him of that place and your praise and attention is that much worthier to him. A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have around, and is welcome in many places where his untrained littermate isn’t. He and his responsible owner are goodwill ambassadors for dogs in the public eye. And by putting forth just a bit of effort and providing this structure, you reward your dog with a sense of security and well-being that will last his entire life. Give your dog the best possible gift – learn some good dog training secrets

If you and your family can get into the habit of giving your dog these five

dog gifts

all year long, you’ll find that he will return your generosity with an even stronger bond based on love, respect and mutual understanding.

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