6 Reasons Why Your Dog is Disobeying You and Tips for Training

Do you have a problem pup? Maybe you just brought a new puppy home from a shelter, and they aren’t trained yet. Or perhaps you have an older dog who’s starting to rebel. There are many explanations as to why your dog is defying your commands. Here are six common reasons why they’re disobeying you:

  1. They’re Disobeying on Purpose
    Teenage humans are usually rebellious, and the same goes for dogs. There may come a point when your dog knows the commands but simply won’t obey. Juvenile hormones are usually to blame.
  2. They’re Forgetful
    Some dogs are a little more forgetful than others, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. The explanation for their disobedience could simply be that they don’t remember what to do. It’s also possible that they’ve lost the skill because you stopped practicing a specific trick. So, make sure to keep rehearsing previously learned tricks to remind them.
  3. They’re Too Excited
    Chances are, you’ve witnessed an excited puppy. It’s adorable and entertaining to watch them run and flop around like crazy, but this can also hinder their learning ability. The younger the dog, the harder it’ll be to get through this phase of over-excited behavior, as they have a hard time focusing on anything when they’re in this mode.
  4. They Haven’t Completed Their Training
    It may be that your dog hasn’t fully completed their training, or you think they are farther along than they really are. It’s essential to ensure that your pup receives consistent, thorough instruction.
  5. You’re Not Patient Enough
    Sometimes the owners are the problem. You must be patient with your dog. Sometimes they won’t learn that trick or kick that bad habit overnight, and you need to accept this. They can sense when you’re upset with them, so make sure to take a deep breath and keep trying until they nail it.
  6. You Don’t Offer a Reward
    You enjoy getting a raise at work, right? You tend to work harder when you know something good is coming your way. Dogs are also motivated by rewards. So, don’t forget to give your pup a treat after a job well done. Not doing this could result in more instances of disobedience.

Regardless of your specific situation, you need help. That’s where Dog Training Classes come in. A professional dog trainer can offer quality instruction during class times and give you solid advice on how you can help your pup at home. What are you waiting for? Sign your puppy up today and start seeing results!

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