Best Dog Products – 10 MUST HAVE Supplies For Your Dogs

For most dog owners it could be pretty hard to understand which are the required supplies for their dogs (especially at the beginning). That’s why we will try covering this topic and show you the best dog products that every dog or puppy owner should have. For each one, our team gives a nice and fully explanation why you need it and some extra dog training tips too.

  1. Collar and Leash

Best dog collar

We can say that first of those

best dog products

is the collar and we will discuss some different type of collars here. When buying a dog collar, consider the following guidelines. First, all puppies should have a buckled collar. A leather one is good for almost any dog. They last a long time, are quite solid and reliable, and they also soften over time from the oils in your dog’s skin. They come in all sizes and colors, and even some fun patterns! Know that a rolled (rather than a flat) collar is made for long-haired dogs, so as not to lie against their fur. A nylon collar is great for dogs that will be spending a lot of time in the water. A sporting collar, bright in color and visible in the outdoors, should be used by sport or hunting dogs.

Finally, remember that dog training collars, or “choke” collars may be great for training, but they are not a substitution for a regular full-time collar. Personally, I prefer a soft, nylon braided type of leash or collar, which is durable and easy to wash. Be sure and choose a collar and leash that are neither too heavy nor too light for your dog’s size and breed.

More important than the material is the fit. In order to ensure a proper fitting, it is generally accepted that you should be able to slip three fingers under the collar without it being too tight or too loose. Some large or ornery dogs may require tighter collars. Remember, the collar should be comfortable and keep your dog safe. And, always put a proper ID tag on the dog’s collar with your phone number (make sure this is current) and your address. In the event that you lose your dog, you will be quite glad you did it.

Also, you may want to use a harness on your dog, which slips over his back and belly, thereby eliminating the risk of choking. This also gives better control over dogs that tend to pull when being walked on a leash, and is particularly desirable on dogs with breathing difficulties, such as pug-nosed breeds like bulldogs. Finally, you may want to consider a retractable leash, particularly if you walk your dog often, travel often, or leave the dog alone for long periods (be pet smart). To learn more about barking dog collars, you might check this out: “Bark control collars

  1. Food and Water Bowls

We recommend the use of tip-proof, stainless steel or hard plastic food and water dishes. We can’t say which food or water bowl will fit your dog the most. but we placed this one at Number 2 in the Best dog products list. In the last few months we see that a lot of dogs owners have problem with dog food aggression. If you also have a problem, this article might help you a lot: “Dog food aggression“. It should grip to the floor or be part of a stabilized feeding station. Make sure the size is appropriate. You may need to buy larger bowls as your puppy grows. Fresh water should be replenished at least once a day. Bowls should be cleaned regularly and after each meal to avoid attracting critters.

  1. Bed

Best dog bed

There are countless dog beds on the market and unfortunately they are not all made equal. Your dog will need his own bed and it needs to be placed in an appropriate location. Your dog should not sweat from being on his bed. Your dog will feel comfortable if only he enjoys sleeping in his bed, that’s why the bed is one of the most important dog supplies. It should not feel any irritation or allergies to the materials it is made of. And the bed should not have any lumps in it.

A good bed will be a uniform pillow, square or round, big enough for your dog to turn on and lay comfortably on its side, made of a soft yet durable material, such as imitation lambs wool, which can also be washed. Natural cotton is probably the best material for a bed cover and filling. It is washable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Other beds are filled with cedar chips, which are not recommended. A bed should be located in a safe area, preferably under a protective overhead and only this way we can place it among the best dog products. Be sure and place toys in or near the bed.

  1. Housetraining System

It is important to learn how to housetrain your dog or puppy, even if you do not foresee him eliminating indoors in adulthood. You will not want to leave your young puppy outside at all hours of the night or until he has been somewhat trained. And you do want him to have an alternative option in case you are not available to let him out or take him for a walk. Again, we strongly recommend the Indoor Potty as hands down the best system for indoor housetraining and housebreaking. This solution is clean, easy and inexpensive – much better than puppy pads that dogs step in and track urine throughout your house or make a mess by shredding.

  1. Controversial Crate

Best dog crates

For some information on crating, refer back to our section on housetraining. While some people think that

crate training a puppy

or dog is cruel, if done properly, your dog can enjoy his crate space. You can learn more about crate training in this article: “How to crate train a puppy?”. And we could say that the crate is another one of those good dog products. But you should know that when selecting a crate, you can choose either a wire or plastic crate. The size is very important. You want to be sure not to get one that is too big or too small for your pet.

While you may think bigger is better, this is not always true. Your puppy will not be happy at all if you choose an inappropriate crate for it (and this way the crate will not be one of those best dog products). So, let us show you how to choose the perfect dog crate. It should be large enough that he can get in, turn around once, and lie down comfortably. Beyond that, you will create too big a space and he will be tempted to eliminate there. The idea here is that dogs strongly prefer not to eliminate in close proximity to the area in which they sleep. So, if you give too much space, he may use the bathroom in one far corner, creating an uncomfortable place for himself (and ugly clean-up for you).

Use the crate to keep your dog safe when you are out of the house, or when you cannot keep a close enough eye on him. You may also use it for sleeping. However, you should never use a crate as a form of punishment, or the dog will associate negative feelings with it. You want to create a warm and inviting space for your dog, so that he will want to use it. You may at first try inviting the dog into his crate and leaving the door open. This way, he will not feel trapped.

Then, begin leaving him locked in for short periods of time while you are in the house, praising him for calm quiet behavior inside the crate. Increase the amount of time he is left in there until he is comfortable with staying in for long periods of time. Then, you will likely find that if you leave the door open when the dog does not need to be confined, your dog actually prefers at times to be in the crate because it is “his” space. You can also add a small blanket or towel to increase the desirability of the space.

  1. Cleanup Supplies

Some good cleaning supplies to have on hand can be found in the following section on putting together a first aid kit. When walking your dog, always have on hand paper towels, bags or newspapers, as it is illegal in most places to leave behind your dog’s waste. They are not only recommended and among those best dog products, but also they often come in handy. Pooper scoopers are great to clean your yard, but they are hardly effective when walking the dog. As far as indoor cleaning of urine, feces, vomit, and other pet stains, there are a number of options available to you.

Your local grocery store will carry a variety of products by brand name companies designed specifically for pet stains. You may also find better products at your pet store. One such product which I have found to be quite effective is Nature’s Miracle. This product is all natural, and specially formulated to remove pet stains and odors. It also usually does not harm any colored surfaces to which it may be applied. Finally, you can use a homemade remedy such as a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to help remove odors, and a mild detergent to help remove stains.

  1. Toys

Best dog products

Some issues related to the safety of toys have been discussed in previous sections. Remember the tips about bone use, and how to select one that is safe for your pet. You should provide a variety of safe dog toys for different uses. Young puppy in particular will need sturdy dog chew toys, as was mentioned earlier. But never buy processed cow hides – these are not toys and if a small chunk is swallowed it can seriously damage your dog’s digestive tract.

Also, you will want to have some throw toys; balls and other items that your dog can retrieve. Not only toys are perfect best dog products, but also they can be placed in the TOP 5 dog gifts. You can also check some extra gifts for your dog or puppy here: “Best dog gifts“. You may also consider getting a stringy toy which flosses your dog’s teeth as he chews, promoting good oral health. If you engage in “tugging” games with your dog, always remember not to pull so hard as to pull out any teeth. Your dog has strong teeth, but they are not made of steel!

When it comes to plastic toys, go for a tough, durable nylon or rubber product. Many of these

best dog toys

have nubs on them which also clean your dog’s teeth as he chews. Beware of toys that your dog can easily rip open, as dogs have even been known to swallow squeakers out of plastic toys. While some of the more high-quality toys may seem more expensive, this is one area in which you do not want to scrimp, as you may save yourself a lot of money in vet bills, and perhaps even the life of your pet.

Also, as much as possible, try to supervise your dog when he is chewing, particularly if you doubt the resilience of the toy. Finally, one great trick I have learned is that you can use a filler toy to occupy your pet for hours by putting treats inside, which your dog must struggle to get out.

Remember too that there are some toys which your dog must figure out how to roll to get them to dispense treats, and toys can also be great learning tools to stimulate a growing puppy’s brain. You will quickly learn what your dog best responds to, and what he likes and dislikes.

  1. Confinement Gate

Even if you are using a crate, you will want to also have a gate to confine your dog or puppy to a specific room or area. Such a gate is also among best dog products as it could “show” the puppy what is forbidden for it. By the way, if you would like to get some extra tips on puppy raising, check this article: “How to raise a puppy?” Your dog may not be allowed in specific areas of the house, or you may want your puppy to roam freely in the kitchen but nowhere else. You can purchase a baby gate or build one yourself. Make sure it is strong enough for your puppy’s growing needs, and high enough so that it can not jump over it.

Also check the material to make sure it is not something that your dog can chew through in one day. Your dog should not be given complete run of your house until it is completely trained. See chapter above on crating.

  1. Grooming kit

Basically, your grooming kit should include brushes and combs appropriate to your dog’s fur length and type, mild shampoo, a nail clipper, a nail filer, cotton swabs, cotton balls, skin fold cream, and cleaning wipes, and a dental care kit. Most of these best dog products have been discussed in other sections and are readily available in stores.

  1. First Aid Kit

Another one of the best dog products (and pretty important for your dog’s health is the First Aid Kit). The following items were included in a first aid kit that the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association gave to police dog handlers at a recent workshop. Your home first aid kit could use many of the same items.

Gauze sponges

Antibiotic ointment

Rubbing alcohol

Ear syringe — two ounce capacity

Self-adhering athletic bandage — three-inch width

White petroleum jelly (Vaseline or similar)

Eye wash

Sterile, non-adherent pads

Pepto Bismol tablets

Generic Benadryl capsules — 25mg, for allergies (consult your vet for proper dosage, as it is different than that for humans)

Hydrocortisone acetate — one percent cream

Sterile stretch gauze bandage — three inches by four yards

Buffered aspirin

Dermicil hypoallergenic cloth tape: one inch by 10 yards

Hydrogen peroxide

Kaopectate tablets, maximum strength

— Thank you for reading our article about the best dog products and supplies. You can also check an article that can help you see if your dog mastered the basic dog training: “Has your dog mastered the dog training basics?”

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