Why Locking Casters Are Important

Locking casters are something that could be useful in your shop. Here are some of the many benefits that explain why they are important.


Often, when shops have mobile workstations, they develop unique ways to keep their equipment from rolling that are not always easy to implement. Fortunately, these casters offer an ergonomic way to make equipment stationery without subjecting your employees to strange methods.


Certain brakes can allow the operator to stop a piece of equipment from rolling regardless of where they are or how heavy the load is. This is a great way for you to improve the safety of your shop and meet regulations.

Stopping Power

When you activate a caster’s brake, it presses against the wheel, which forces it to stop. This stopping power can be a great advantage as far as safety or preventing damage to your equipment.


When your company runs on a tight budget, you need to find cost-effective ways to improve working conditions. Fortunately, these casters are not overly expensive and barely cost more than standard casters. Therefore, you get the extra benefits associated with these casters but aren’t overpaying.

Stationary Workstations

Locks are designed to prevent casters from both rolling and activating their swivel feature. This is ideal whenever you need to make a mobile piece of equipment into a stationary workstation. In addition, these locks will provide more staying power than a block or other method of stopping your equipment, which creates a stationary workstation.


When you need to push heavy loads in one direction, you want a locking caster, especially when you push it by yourself. This is because the locks can prevent the swivel from activating, meaning that you can roll a heavy load in one direction without worrying about it drifting or blowing off course.

Staying Power

Even though you want casters to mobilize your equipment, there will be plenty of times when you want to park something and leave it without worrying if it will roll away. This is especially true if you have a demanding industry with heavy loads. These casters come with a stout locking action so you can leave your equipment unattended without worry.

There are plenty of benefits associated with this type of caster. The primary goal of installing them is often the safety properties. However, it is important to learn about the many other reasons why these are important.

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