How to raise a puppy

The art of raising a well socialized, balanced, and happy dog is often overlooked. Many people are having difficulties and don’t exactly know

how to raise a puppy

. Well, raising a dog is NOT the same thing as training a dog. Training involves teaching behavioral responses to specific cues such as a hand signal, voice command or sound.

One can then use these trained behavioral responses to modify behavior and create habits. Training usually takes place after puppy rearing, and it goes a lot easier if the pup has been raised properly, but interestingly, some dog care professionals pay surprisingly little attention to this important step. Here you can see a very useful book “The Maltese Book“.

Puppy raisingMany puppy owners are most concerned with house breaking, and while this is an important milestone of puppy hood, it is far from the only important aspect of the young dog’s life. As trainers, we know that the period of growth from birth to four months of age is a critical socialization period. “Get your dog out to see the world,” is the battle cry, but the manner in which you do this will determine your success.

Puppy hood is the stage that a dog grows physically and mentally and learns about the world. He explores by sniffing and chewing. Because of this it is good to introduce a young dog to sights, sounds, smells, people, kids, other animals. If your dog will be a sport or working dog, he should also be encouraged to jump, crawl, climb, and walk over grates, slippery floors and all sorts of surfaces and to swim. Make sure that the experiences your young puppy encounter are safe. That way you can encourage the puppy to try new things without risking a serious scare or physical injury. This is the right way of

raising a puppy

. You want to nurture your dog’s confidence, not give him reason to be more timid and unsure about the world. Don’t baby your puppy or push too hard. Now let’s see how to raise a puppy. I like to take a new puppy to a new place, hang out with him till he’s gotten used to whatever new stimuli are there and then, when he’s comfortable in the situation give him a break. The older the puppy the more he can take as far as distracting stimuli.

How to house train a puppyDuring this time, your puppy also learns the rules of the house. Things like housebreaking, couch sitting, riding in the car. If you don’t want your dog on the couch, don’t let him on the couch from day one. Same goes for riding in the cargo area or the backseat of your car. Ditto for begging at the dinner table.

Teach your dog he can trust you. Educate yourself on what is appropriate dog behavior and appropriate developmental stages. Don’t expect him to be a grown-up dog when he’s just a baby. Be fair to the dog, be patient, have consistent rules and gently enforce them. While your pup is still a baby, you are responsible for everything your dog does, so you should really understand how to raise a puppy!

Dogs and Babies – Tips For Raising a Child With a Baby

Puppy raising

For a puppy your baby is a toy like a thing that is hogging all the attention that belongs to him. This can sometimes create some difficult situations. For the dog his home is his territory and he feels that the new arrival is encroaching on his territory so he feels threatened by the baby. Since the baby will receive a lot of attention from you the pup also gets jealous of the baby. There are no sure fire remedies to deal with this situation. However, there are some tips which are useful such as-

How to raise a puppyThe biggest challenge for your puppy is to deal with all the attention that the new baby gets. With a new baby around sometimes you inevitably ignore the puppy and he will have to learn to accept this. You can help your dog through this transition by introducing certain gradual changes.

If you start ignoring your dog suddenly upon the arrival of the baby it becomes very difficult for your dog to adjust, so it is important to get him used to it slowly. You can do this by ignoring him everyday for sometime usually an hour should suffice. You don’t need to sit in one place. Go ahead with your regular chores like watching TV or doing your laundry just don’t talk to or look at your dog.

Once the baby arrives it will be normal to have baby toys lying all over the place. Your dog will find it hard to resist these toys and may get into a tug of war with the baby over the toy. He may also try to rip or eat these toys. It is important to stop your dog from doing so. So maybe the best way to do this is to not keep these toys in dogs reach as this is going to make your chance about how to raise a puppy to fail. But this is not always possible. So train your dog before the baby arrives to stay away from the toys and baby products. This is an important step to pay attention to when

raising puppies

together with babies. You will also want to take a look at these male dog clothes for your doggie.

A good practice session for your dog should involve a couple of baby toys thrown along with his toys in front of him. Since the baby toys look different and new the dog will definitely reach for them and when he tries to do so stop him with a firm “no” and divert his attention to his own toys. You can also lace the toys with mouthwash or sprays available in the market that stop furniture chewing. These sprays and the mouth wash produce an uncomfortable odor and taste for the dog. Soon the dog will start associating the command with the odor and taste and stay away from them. I hope you begin understanding most of the important things when reading about how to raise a puppy.

Puppy and babyYour baby and your dog will eventually become best friends, but you will have to help this friendship to start. For your puppy the new baby is a strange being that makes peculiar sounds. The baby may feel that a dog is a big ball of fur to be grabbed and tugged at. The different perspectives may create a slight situation because of the baby tugs or pulls at your pup it will startle him and he may not react favorably. So to get him used to the tugging and pulling start by quickly pulling his ears when you pet him or by tugging at his coat when you are petting him. You can also add some baby sounds for effect. The whole point of this exercise is to get your dog habituated to the new sounds and actions that he may encounter with the new baby around. Thank you for reading our article about “How to raise a puppy”. Don’t forget to check The Maltese Book + A great FREE DVD in this puppy raising book.

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