Bark Control Collars. How to Stop Excessive Dog Barking?

Bark control collars are great tools for dogs that bark excessively. While some barking is natural and healthy, dogs that can’t seem to control their barking may benefit from collars designed to control their urge to yap.

Excessive dog barking can be annoying and stressful for your dog. It can also be a real problem for your neighbors! While most dogs know when to quit – some dogs tend to be set off by the slightest noise or movement. Often dogs tend to follow the barking of other dogs in the area, setting off a chain reaction that may be difficult to control.

How to stop dog barking

Excessive dog barking can be difficult to manage. Sometimes it could be dog fear aggression and in such a situation we should find the source of problem. Check our article about “Dog fear aggression” if you would like to learn more about how to handle dog aggression. It’s not a behavior that can easily be taught in formal obedience class and if you are at work for most of the day you may not even be aware that your dog is barking excessively until your neighbors complain. Some towns have laws that prohibit excessive barking and to avoid a fine you may need to get your dog to learn how to behave appropriately.

Dog barking control collars are one way in which you can train your dog to quit barking. These are electronic collars that deliver a gentle electrical stimulus to your dog when he barks for longer than a certain period. These

dog barking collars

may have three different levels and are adjustable. I strongly recommend you to check the dog collars by EntirelyPets here, read some bark collar reviews and eventually choose the best one for your dog. This means that once your dog barks for a certain period a low-level stimulus will be felt. If he continues to bark the next highest stimulus will be delivered and so on.

Bark control collars

Once your dog learns that he can ‘turn the anti bark collar off’ by ceasing to bark he will learn to control his desire to bark excessively. Because the bark control collars are set to feel unpleasant and not hurt your dog you don’t need to worry that your dog will be adversely affected by using a dog barking control collar. It will only help you to understand how to stop dog barking with the help of a single dog bark collar.

Introduce your dog to his no bark collar slowly – place the anti bark collar on your dog but leave it turned off. If it’s still a puppy, don’t forget that the bark collars for small dogs are designed to train your puppy in a good and a positive way (Check our article about “How to raise a puppy“) and will also help you with dog training in the future, but keep in mind that most people prefer to choose a bark collar for small dogs when they are sure it will be difficult to stop dog barking in the future. So, when you activate the dog barking collar, use the lowest setting possible because the bark collars for dogs are designed mostly to help your dog stop barking, not to hurt it!!! If this isn’t effective you can move ahead to the next level. Dog barking is natural but some dogs do go overboard. Nip this behavior in the bud as soon as possible to stop dog barking!

Citronella bark collar

If you are familiar with dog barking collars, I am pretty sure you also know the citronella bark collar. If you haven’t even heard of this citronella collar, let me tell you why it’s special and useful. It automatically can release a small burst of Citronella spray when your dog barks (*You can check the picture on the left and see it in action). You can learn more about the citronella bark collar and eventually get one citronella collar for your dog here.

Dogs that have been trained with an

anti bark collar

are calmer and more respectful of their trainers or owners. Many towns have laws that prohibit nuisance barking and while most hunters have used bark control collars with their dogs for years avoiding fines is a more common use in built-up areas!

Dogs that spend all day barking at anything that moves are wasting energy and may even become stressed and aggressive. By the time you arrive home your dog may be cranky and tired. This is especially important if you use your dogs in competition or shows. A calm quiet dog is an asset to its owner and will be happier too. Bark control collars can help your dog learn what is expected of him. That’s the reason why those dog bark collars are even created!

Other barking dogs in the area may encourage your dog to start barking unnecessarily. It only takes one and the rest soon follow. Bark control collars are electronic collars that deliver a small electrical stimulus to your dog each time he barks for longer that a certain period. In this way your dog will learn how to turn the collar off and avoid an unpleasant experience. A dog that knows which behaviors are undesirable gains in confidence and well-being.

No bark collar

When you choose the best bark collar for your dog make sure that is has an adjustable correction level. One of the most popular and the best anti bark collars is: “PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar” (*You can check a picture of the dog collar in the right). Some models have up to three correction levels and six increments within each level for a total of 18 levels. As soon as the dog barks excessively it sends out electronic stimulation at the lowest level. If the dog doesn’t stop the level of stimulation increases and so on. Soon Fido learns that keeping quiet is his best bet!

To get your dog used to his no bark collar put it on but leave it turned off. Allow your dog to wear the anti barking collar for one week and then activate it. Choose the lowest setting to begin with because you don’t know which level of stimulation will result in success. If there is no response you can increase the level of stimulation. To avoid chafing don’t leave the anti bark collar on for more than half a day. Thank you for reading my article about dog barking. To read more about dog barking and check a big variety of dog barking collars, click here. I really hope I managed to help you learn more how to stop your dog barking and explain you more about the

bark control collars


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