Different Haircuts For Yorkie Puppies

Consider giving them a stylish cut to keep your Yorkie puppy looking its best all year round.

Here are some different Yorkie haircuts Houston, TX, you can choose from: Teddy bear, Mohawk, and Layered cuts. Which one is right for your little pup? Find out in this article! And be sure to ask your groomer for their recommendations. Don’t forget to bring your pup to the groomer to get a haircut if they are too shy.

Mohawk cut

If you love the look of a mohawk, you might want to consider getting your Yorkie a mohawk cut. This popular style of haircut has many benefits, but it is not for everyone. For example, if your pup is very fidgety or prone to shedding, a Mohawk cut might not be the best choice for your dog. It also takes extra care and maintenance, so brush it daily. No dog owner wants to come home to a mess. You will need to trim the fur and clip it off around the nose to get this look. You can opt for a messy, scrumpy look if your Yorkie is a girl. You can get her a sparkly collar or hair bow to give your Yorkie some extra flair. This look will make your Yorkie look adorable. The best part is that you can find cute accessories for your girl Yorkie to accessorize her with.

Layered cut

One of the best options for your Yorkie puppy’s hair is a layered cut. This haircut is versatile, as puppies of all colors can wear it. Long layers with varying shades create a stylish look. If you’d like your Yorkie to have a layered cut, you should make sure to select a short, medium, or long style. Long layers will require daily grooming and washing, so consider this type of cut only if you’re going to show your pup off at the dog show.

This style is also very easy to maintain. It’s similar to most humans’ flat top look and is ideal for dogs with thick, curly coats. However, you should keep in mind that this type of haircut requires weekly brushing to prevent snarls. It’s also ideal for dogs in extremely cold climates, allowing you to show off your Yorkie’s silky coat.

Kennel cut

The Kennel cut is a low-maintenance, short-haired style perfect for Yorkie puppies. These adorable little pups look great with short hair. Besides being easy to maintain, it’s also one of the most popular Yorkie cuts. The first thing to consider is whether or not your dog will need this haircut. A longer fur will make him uncomfortable in warm climates, and in cooler climates, it can be not easy to clean. In addition, a long coat is difficult to manage for a small Yorkie. A summer cut makes it easy to keep the dog clean and cool during the warm months. However, you’ll have to remember that this cut is more costly than other styles.

Teddy bear cut

There are a few reasons why a Teddy Bear cut for Yorkie puppies is popular. First of all, this particular cut has an adorable look. It is rounded, similar to the Puppy Cut, and requires regular brushing to keep the hair off the face. This cut is also popular among social media dogs. Alternatively, you can go for the Schnauzer Cut, which resembles a miniature Schnauzer. However, this cut does require weekly brushing and will not snarl overnight.

Another reason to consider a Teddy Bear cut for your Yorkie puppy is its low-maintenance, playful style. In addition, this style is easier to groom because it follows the natural curves of the Yorkie’s head. Lastly, it is easy to dress your dog up with ornaments and other accessories that accentuate its adorable looks. Listed below are some examples of Teddy Bear cuts. Once you decide on the cut, ensure it compliments your Yorkie’s personality.

Squared puppy cut

A squared puppy cut for your Yorkie puppy is just what it sounds like. It’s an excellent style for summer months, requiring minimal maintenance and allowing your puppy’s skin to breathe. But some owners prefer to get creative with their pups’ looks. You can apply gel to give them a squared bob haircut in these cases. It’s easy to care for, too, since this style requires minimal maintenance.

Before beginning the cut, you should give your Yorkie a brush to check the results. Brush the dog well to remove excess fur and ensure the angles blend together. You can also leave short wispy hairs around the ears to add texture to the style. However, be careful not to overdo it and avoid getting your Yorkie’s ears clipped. Otherwise, you may have to trim the ears again.

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